Well Drilling


Wideman Well Drilling, Inc owns a 2005 Ingersol drill rig to drill water wells. Drilling for lake supplies or irrigation is also done with this equipment. We drill within a 50 mile radius of Union, Missouri. Private water wells are the life source for tens of thousands of rural home owners in this area.

Drlling has been a life long passion for Robert and one he has passed along to Steve Crawford, the now full time driller for Wideman Well Drilling. Steve and Robert agree there is a fulfillment when clear, clean, fresh water is flowing from a newly drilled water well. Knowledge of depths of wells, strata formations and water tables are best understood by experience. Counties in East Central Missouri pose many different drilling conditions. With 45 years experience we are ready and willing to talk to you about an estimate of depth and prices for your new well.

Wideman Well Drilling, Inc. is licensed in the state of Missouri through the Department of Natural Resources in Rolla under the wellhead protection section. Our Licence number is 001400WPH.

Wideman Well Drilling, Inc. is members of both the Missouri Water Well Association and The National Water Well Association.

Please call or e-mail us for a free quote for your water well needs.