Q & A


Who regulates the well industry?

The Department of Natural Resources has a division called wellhead protection that regulates our industry.

How do I know that my water is good to drink?

Contact Franklin County Lab.

I have water but the pump starts and stops when I'm not using water.

This is the indicator of a hole in the piping. This could be in the ground or it could be in the well. The hole allows the pressure to drop low enough so the pump must run to repressurize the system.

I have water but my pump starts and stops quickly when I use water.

The problem could be the pressure tank. A conventional system works with a holding tank that maybe in the basement or in a wellhouse, it may even be buried. The tank works properly when there is air in the tank and the air is compressed into a small area by the water pressure created by the pump. Typically a system will work within a 20lb range. When the tank only has water in it and no air or not enough air the pressure fluctuates more rapidly because the water molecules start out closer together than air molecules do. Replacing the tank with a factory precharged tank may be the only option.

I have no water.

First check the breaker or the fuse box. Make sure there are no reset buttons at the buttom of the pump strater box. Make sure valves are open. Then call us!

I have low water pressure.

Low pressure could be an indicator of one of several problems. It could be a wiring short. It could be a short in the motor windings. A short means wires that are not supposed to touch are touching. For example the wires in the well could rub against a rock and wear the coating off, exposing the wires and allowing them to touch.